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Kirks... mildly over dramtized reading of the Preamble of the United States constitution and the crescendo of music that goes along with it.

" ordain and !ESTABLISH!.. this constitution.."

huh -brings a tear to the eye man..

McCoy: "All of his (Kirks) old friends look like you, all my old friends look like Doctors"

SPock: "that will be quite enough."
After the the Black Dr. slaps the crud out of him a few time to help him recover from an illness/injury.


not from TOS BUT from Scotty to LaForge
Scotty: "But how long will it really take you"
laForge: " about an hour"
Scotty: "Ahh! but how are you ever going to get a reputation as a miracle worker if you tell them how long it really takes...?"
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