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Default I watched the movie for the second time - and it was GREAT!

I don't weigh in very much in theis part of the forum. Mainly because i have only seen the movie once at the IMAX when it came out. I think because i saw it at the IMAX, I was so over-awed with the special effects that i kind oif missed half of what was going on. So I watched it this afternoon.

On TV, the things that I thought bothered me, didn't really. And the few things that bugged me a bit still, I can forgive. I can forgive the mini-skirts, the lens flares, the water tubes and very quick promotion of Kirk. The on;y thing I really think was not good was the love thing between Uhura and Spock. I have fallen in love with the whole thing. It may not be TOS, but the acting is much better and so are the SFX (but you would expect that in this day and age.)

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