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Originally Posted by chator View Post

There's a story, i believe included as an extra on one of the TNG films or TNG seasons, don't remember which, that shortly after TNG wrapped, the Enterprise-D disappeared. It was discovered sometime later to be hanging on the ceiling of a Bar and Grill somewhere, whereupon someone stumbled upon it, contacted Paramount, which bought it back. That's probably why its so damaged. Or perhaps it was damaged while making Generations. But i remember hearing that a replica was created for that final scene where the Enterprise-D plows into the ground.
I think they refurbed the original TNG 6ft model that was originally built for TNG in Generations, because it had far better surface detailing than the smaller 4ft model employed on TNG after season 3 (or maybe 4, my memory is a little off) but I can't recall if they used the 6ft model saucer or a brand new saucer only model for the crash sequence.

Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
Agreed! The Ent-B has always been one of my favorites. I think it's much better executed as compared to the too-simple Excelsior design.
Fascinating - I find the opposite with the Ent-B.

The alterations to the basic Excelsior design really ruin the clean lines and simple elegance of the underlying shape and finish.

It's like my very own Ryan Church Enterprise to TOS Enterprise!
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