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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I'd like to see a sci-fi-ish story instead of a budget-festival plus more of the cut-out Orion but with a more natural and healthy looking skin tone.
I can go with that.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Just to kinda do the 'exploring' part of the gig, rather than potter about Federation space and find another singular villain with plans to destroy something large.

If they want to add a control room to engineering it's not really a make or break thing design wise but I don't want them to abruptly lose the industrial look either - I rather prefer it myself.
You and Horatio think alike.

A major Villain has been in 8 film of Star Trek.
All of the last six

Time for a natural disaster or something.

Originally Posted by That Metal Beastie View Post
(double posting and jumping from the Enterprise model thread)

I'd like to see the Enterprise redesigned to more resemble the TMP E. And an absolute redesign of engineering!!!
Yes a new designer...I say destroy this one and reconstruct.

Originally Posted by That Metal Beastie View Post
I thought the Augment explaination of the Klingon appearance umm... differential to be a rather elegant one. Especially how it tied in everything to Data's creator's ancestor (whew!) and Kahn. was a bit contrived as most things in ENT were I would have left off the DATA connection. Or made that more of secret. ENT never did anything subtly. EVERYTHING was often done on the official record in front of a Star Fleet officer or recording device...

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