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Originally Posted by Kirk And Spock #1 Fan View Post
Yeah, I would agree on releasing more of the new Trek books along with the four that got canceled after the next movie is out. I still would love to see those books along with more of them out. Since it cant come out now because it might interfer with the movie, but they could release them after the movie has been out. I still like to read them along with more if they make them. We always see books from all the shows and older Star Trek movies, but I still would love to see some from this time peiord. Dont get me wrong all the other books from the shows and older movies are great, but I like to see some from this new reality. Anyways, I hope since those spots are open for what should've been the new Trek spot, that they put TOS in thier place. I mean they are both still part of TOS right? I love to see more TOS books come out instead of the ones set of the 24th centuery, is what we see most of the time.Dont get me wrong I love TNG which is 24th centery, but I love to see TOS more.
Agreed. I just like Spock, Kirk, McCoy, and crew no matter what universe they are in. Let's hope for more novels in the future.
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