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That I'm not sure about, I havent read those books yet. I finally bought The Return yesterday a small book store. And I bought The Lost Years off of ebay around December, but havent read them yet. Anyways I have never read these books before, but heard about them before from one of these Star Trek sites on one of these comunity boards. So I decide to buy them and check them out for myself.I'm starting quite a collection on Star Trek books so I have lot to read yet. I'm still reading The Criucable Series McCoy which I started reading about a month or so ago but havent finnsihed reading yet.I sometimes get in the mood and will read until I'm completly finnshed, thats if I get real involved with it. And sometimes I read when I'm in the mood to. So whenever I'm finnshed with that one, I might start reading one of those but not sure which yet, or I might choose one of the other books. I have quite a collection of Star Trek books,so I dont know which will be the next one I will read. Does anybody have any suguestions of which of these two I should read first? Should I read The Lost Years first or The Return? I'll eventually get around to reading them, I just want any sugestions of which of these two I should read before the other.
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