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Originally Posted by Kiko Kea View Post
I was wondering about just this very thing when they announced the alternate universe books. I mean, what if they kill off someone? Break up Spock and Uhura, etc.
I had thought very much the same thing. What if Star Trek XII begins exactly where Star Trek XI ended and gives us a cliffhanger? It would place those books in the position of the first original Star Wars novel--Splinter of the Mind's Eye--that was written in case there might not be a second Star Wars film.

I think the authors of these four books knew that there was always a slight chance that what they wrote could conflict with whatever direction Star Trek XII went in, but they tried to tell stories that would fit with what we last saw in Star Trek XI and keep that status quo.
Perhaps after the next movie, Paramount and O&K will have a better idea about where our new Trek is going, and the books can be released before the third one.

Is Pocket going to add several more books to take the canceled books' places?
Pocket Books had to kind of scramble. Their 2010 release schedule was thrown for a loop with the cancellation of those four nuTrek books. I think they have one or two omnibuses of their original Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers e-novel series that they're going to put together and throw into that vacancy. I think the rest of the schedule will remain intact as they already had slots reserved for several late 24th-Century books, including the follow-up to last year's Star Trek: Destiny trilogy.
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