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Originally Posted by Lady Vaako View Post
Cute! It's nice to know that the entire scene leading up to and including Kirk's birth has made non-fans cry. I mean, to me and a lot of other Trekkies that particular scene was so very powerful and its significance so huge that it was easy to get totally emotional about it and cry like a baby (no pun intended). But since I can't put myself in the shoes of a non-fan, I had always been wondering how someone outside of the fandom would react to it...
My roommate and his girl friend really never gave Star Trek a second thought before this movie. Not that they didn't like Star Trek as a franchise, it just didn't catch their interest.

Although they did not cry during the opening moments of the new movie, it did move them, and from that moment, they were hooked.

As for me, it's hard for me to fight back a lump in my throat every time I watch that scene.

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