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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
That's because they have been tested time and time again and the results have turned out to be the same. It is no longer faith it is fact.

Burden of proof comes in to play here:

Scientist: "We are the product of evolution!"
Me: "Prove it!"
Scientist: "Here is my research."

The scientist doesn't have to prove 100% that we are the product of evolution all he has to do is prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.
Scientific theories result from tested hypotheses, which are developed to explain a given set of facts and relationships that are observable, or inferenced. But to think a scientific theory represents ultimate truth is wrong, only religion deals with absolutes in this manner. Scientific theories change overtime. They are not simply refined, they undergo dramatic reversals and revisions, at times. And they tend to be governed in their expression by the existing dominant paradigms the scientists are operating under. It is not a simple matter that science is based on fact and religion is based on faith. Religous views maybe based on facts as well, and scientists are required to have faith in the theories, concepts, axioms, and paradigms of their predecessors and culture.

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