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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
If you have seen the whole romance, you might remember that T'Pol named their cloned baby after Trip's sister, so she obviously cared deeply about Trip's loss. A revelation with quite some delay, but as I have frequently said, ENT works best as a whole. (Which is IMO rather a liability than an asset.)

I agree that the few decon scenes were just cheap eye-candy. But better cheap than none.

Neuro-pressure on the other hand wasn't about eye-candy, it was about a slow built-up of their romance. T'Pol isn't precisely the social type, so this is a rare chance for her to talk with Trip off-duty and even while they are physically close. Let's not forget that it started with sex, not with love letters. She also gets jealous when Trip performs neuro-pressure on a MACO.

That apart, I think that their bumpy relationship is more interesting in the fourth season, "Home" and "Terra Prime" are easily the best Trip/T'Pol episodes IMO.
I'm aware of the points and episodes you named. I'm also aware of the first episode commentary where Brannon Braga and Rick Berman discuss how they intentionally made Enterprise more sexy (obviously to appeal to the general audience, whatever, sex sells and I know this and I don't care one way or another). But to me it's like the only thing they changed about the Star Trek formula was "trying to make it more sexy."

All I'm saying...I'll I've ever been saying is that I don't like Brannon Braga and Rick Berman's writing. The relationship between T'pol and Trip is fine. I don't care. It just bugs the hell out of me when the writing is dense and nothing sparks my interest.

I just gotta use an example of a great Sci-Fi love situation....Han Solo and Princess Leia. Now that was great! Their bickering which lead to a crush would led to love was so real and believable you just loved them both!

If you want something a little more fleshed out let's go with Commander Adama and President Roslin. There love for each other at the end was so strong, so true and so believable....I don't know what else to say about that.

Babylon 5. John Sheridan and Delenn.

Wall-E and Eve. They don't even SPEAK and you're pulled in!

If two CGI characters who don't talk have a better relationship in two hours then two live action actors on a longer running TV series...something's wrong...and that something is the writers.

To summarize. It's the writers I hate....NOT the characters!
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