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Originally Posted by TNG_Trekman View Post
I was wondering when I'd be graced by your response Horatio. I know how much of an ENT fan you are.

And I have "watched the whole goddamn Trip and T'pol romance." My original argument was that Berman and Braga can't write romantic scenes that are interesting. I don't give a crap about back rubs. I care more for Trip's state of condition after losing his sister. They didn't come close to what they could of done with that.

So you do admit that decon and neuropressure are cheap tricks. Good. I'm not alone. And yes, the outfits for the woman on TOS were ridiculous.

Enterprise is just as sterile to me as TNG and VOY are. ENT stills falls into the traps and cliche's every other Star Trek has had.
If you have seen the whole romance, you might remember that T'Pol named their cloned baby after Trip's sister, so she obviously cared deeply about Trip's loss. A revelation with quite some delay, but as I have frequently said, ENT works best as a whole. (Which is IMO rather a liability than an asset.)

I agree that the few decon scenes were just cheap eye-candy. But better cheap than none.

Neuro-pressure on the other hand wasn't about eye-candy, it was about a slow built-up of their romance. T'Pol isn't precisely the social type, so this is a rare chance for her to talk with Trip off-duty and even while they are physically close. Let's not forget that it started with sex, not with love letters. She also gets jealous when Trip performs neuro-pressure on a MACO.

That apart, I think that their bumpy relationship is more interesting in the fourth season, "Home" and "Terra Prime" are easily the best Trip/T'Pol episodes IMO.
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