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I don't disagree, to be honest. Enterprise was definitely pitched at a mature audience from the get-go and tackled adult themes more openly than Trek ever had before, but I think the decades of careful PC-tiptoeing around the Big Sex Issue led to the writers trying to soften the blow whilst making the most of the physical attributes of the actors on the set. The decon room definitely smacked of a cheap trick rather than a plausible plot device. The Vulcan neuropressure thing seems less tacked on. It might be a tad implausible for Starfleet Officers to git nekkid and up close and personal, but then again I think it was, in terms of the timeline, a bit of a test case.

Although: as far as T'Pol is concerned, wasn't one of the big bugbears about Vulcans as depicted in Enterprise that they were "too emotional"? I think some of the Vulcan history explored in Season 4 went a long way towards explaining emotion from a Vulcan perspective, but as the Vulcans of the period seemed less unemotional in their interactions with humans, it wouldn't have been too much of a stretch to see T'Pol touched (emotionally, that is!) by Trip's grief and resulting anger toward the Xindi.
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