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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
[The Doc's] style of arc had been done already in Trek.

I thought the Doc was a great character - I thought Picardo was little short of spectacular throughout - but I liked him a lot more in the earlier days when he was (for lack of a better phrase) less well adjusted to dealing with his crewmates. He wasn't always the comic relief back then, and his experiences as he developed were often touching and humanising.

Unfortunately, around late season 5/early season 6, the writers decided to make his stories overly wacky/zany, and I lost interest in the character. They did something very interesting with the Flesh & Blood two-parter (Picardo again excellent throughout), but by then the damage was done.

Overall I think Spock/Data/Odo/Seven/T'Pol had more interesting and very similar character arcs.
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