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Originally Posted by Kiko Kea View Post
While I enjoy TOS novels, I would love to have novels placed in the new timeline, too. I'm doubtful, though- publishing books before several movies are out would cause problems as far as canon goes.

Has anyone heard anything about what else will come of the new timeline? Books, comics, etc?
I just check on another Star Trek site and there is novels commming out based on Star Trek XI (2009) movie. The novels take place after where the movie left off. The books so far that's comming out is called:

Refugees (Realase date May)
Seek A Newer World (Release date June )
More Beautiful Then Death (Release date July )
The Hazzards Of Concelling ( Release date ?)

These are the only books so far thats comming out this year. I'm not sure if there will be more yet or not just have to wait and see. But I thought you might be happy about the news, I know I am!
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