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Cool cool... my younger sister is graduating from UC Riverside this year too. She's looking to go to law school eventually... she wants to do some "living" first... we'll see.

Enjoy your freedom while you can!!! I had this 3D teacher...we all think he's a total work-aholic... I'm in his same shoes....3 jobs. I don't need the extra money but I can't say no because the side jobs are so cool. I ask the "Great Wheel of Employment" for some "social life" time... DENIED!!!

Without even trying I've possibly picked up a fourth. As consolation... possible kick a** project coming up!!! 3D modeling of Dave(The Edge) Evan's guitar for a documentary. Cross my fingers!!!! I love U2!!! It'll probably take less than a week to model... figure out the camera path then... render!!! The project is to be done by June so there is lots of time. I need good quality photos of the guitar they want me to model to work off of... I wonder if I get to take the pictures myself and get to see the real guitar and the owner!!??!! teehee... Dave Evan's is so hot. Gee will you sign my sorry little acoustic guitar???

Nerd and geek... this forum is my only lifeline to my non-work related world. You guys remember Animaniacs? "Wheel of Morality turn turn turn... tell us the lesson that we should learn." What is the Ferengi spiritual diety? Nog mentioned it once when he and Jake were trying to cheer Ben Sisko by getting him a rare baseball card... but had to do all these tasks to make it happen? Well for me the great "Wheel/Circle of Employment" has been good to me.
All artists are obssesive compulsive... its what keeps us going!
The science inspires the dream, the dream creates the art...the art fuels the dream and continues to inspire the science!

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