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Originally Posted by janeway72 View Post
I am offended at being called an idiot. Would you not be offended at being called an idiot? He uses strong language and bad critical thinking skills. As I said elsewhere if he wants to become a philosopher then fine. But don't wrap it up in bad science.

The money that the church receives goes to many things, not just the pocket money and board and lodgings of priests. Many people are helped by the work of the Catholic Church. As I stated before, the Catholic Church were completely wrong in how they dealt with the Paedophile Priest scandals. Yes they should have acted sooner and had these people prosecuted. I have many issues with the Roman Catholic Church, hence the reason that I am Presbyterian.

To me it is immaterial what people who believe in God have done wrong. It matters that I believe there has to be some intelligent life form bigger and better than me and there has to be some force behind the creation of the universe. And that is the point Dawkins doesn't get. Faith doesn't make you a good person. It should! But it doesn't there fore every religion has its fair share of felons and hypocrites, just like every non-religious organisation
No one wants to be called an idiot. What is the difference between Dawkins calling religious people idiots and religious people telling Dawkins he is going to hell? Why do religious people believe certain people go to hell? Is it not because they are bad, immoral people? You can't see how someone may take offence to being called immoral? Do you really believe Dawkins thinks all religious people are idiots? Many of the points Dawkins makes are not warped up in bad science and like I stated over and over again I think some of them are valid points. I don't agree with everything he says but I do some of it. Just like I don't believe religion is all evil. I've taken a stance here in order to have a debate and I personally have enjoyed our back and forth conversation because threw debate you better understand other peoples point of views but in debate you need to take a stance. In this case I have been arguing against religion and like I said I don't think everything about religion is bad.
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