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Originally Posted by janeway72 View Post
I took Star Trek XI in to school on the last day to show to some of my kids since I have had the Star Trek theme running in my class for the last term and wanted to put it into a bit of perspective for them. There were not many kids in as it was the last day but the kids who were mostly enjoyed it or would have moaned no matter what movie I had put on (there is no pleasing some kids). So yes, Star Trek does appeal to the younger generation.

OTOH I showed Caretaker to my three nieces, the 8 year old (who has a telescope and is a brainy wee thing) loved it and the 12 year old was not so sure but said she was getting into it by the end. The 4 year old thought all the lights and explosions were great.
That's it - you certainly wouldn't expect very young kids to understand some of the ideas and content but that doesn't have to be what attracts them in the first place.

As they get older then the rest becomes clearer to them and they still like it then great!

But liking it because it was fun for them is no poor entry point for younger kids, just one of many ways to start the trip!
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