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Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
OK, Annoying People: Customers who ask for a 'fresh' pot of coffee when all the gol-dang coffee was made at the same gol-dang time. Then they take a sip and say "Oh, that's better" and I'd so love to tell them what pretentious toerags they are.
LOL! I hear ya there. Seriously, they don't understand that making pots of coffee comes at a cost to the restaurant making the coffee. For someone to insist upon a fresh pot means that the restaurant has to spend more, just for them.

Customer: I would like coffee from a fresh pot.
Waitress: Sir, that coffee is fresh. The pot just finished about five minutes ago.
Customer: I don't believe you heard me. I said I'd like coffee from a fresh pot.
Waitress: Please allow me then to figure out how much it will cost you, since that means we have to open another bag of coffee just to satisfy your personal whimsy.

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