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Originally Posted by chator View Post
When i was five i got into Star Wars. I didn't get into Star Trek until i was a teenager. That was because i couldn't understand Star Trek at five. I'm not sure what a five-year old will get out of Star Trek, they'll have memories of space and of things blowing up, going Kabooy! Good-looking young guys running around on a spaceship, and bad men in black with tatoos.
Well, I feel for you... My earliest memories of science-fiction will forever be linked to Star Trek and I was about five years old when I first saw an episode of TOS on TV for the first time. Star Trek is what made me fall in love with science-fiction at such an early age.

And to me, it wasn't just about things exploding and good-looking guys running around in a spaceship (although I have to admit that Spock was one of my earliest crushes). What I got out of Star Trek at that age was a complete sense of awe that came from the idea that maybe one day space travel and exploration would be something we'd be able to achieve. I loved the stories, the funky characters and yes, even the technology even though I couldn't understand any of it. But to me, that's what made it all the more fascinating.

On the other hand, I didn't start paying attention to Star Wars until "The Empire Strikes Back" came out...
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