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...and THAT'S what's UP!

I think there are some folk that are lacking vision. Your niece is an example of who, in part, Mr. Abrams & Co. were targeting--a future fan base. Some say, "The messed with 'my Trek'." I would say, "No...'Your' Trek was messed with long ago." "Your" Trek was messed with by William Shatner, who came out with "The Final Frontier." It was messed with by the hands of director and producer of "Star Trek: Nemesis". It was messed with by the producers of "Voyager" and "Enterprise". Even more insidious, "your" Trek was "messed with" by the hands of time--a production that (even in it's day, admittedly by those involved with the series) was hobbled by lack of funding and spotty writing (and the latter happens with every series from time to time)...A ship design that needed updating when the first film came out (hence the "refitting"--even admittedly was needed for a new series, "Phase II"). Time has no regard to a fan base...No regarding for a TV series cast members. Trek needed new blood. It needed new life...a new style...some injection of rock-and-roll (Rock and Roll of the new millennium, not that from the 1950's and 60's).

Everything about this film paid homage to the original series, while going for "the new"--not for the sake of being new, but of necessity. The pacing of the story grabs the attention of today's audience while still honoring what came before. The writing and the acting have proved empirically to be winners both with the audience and with critics (which equals to the stamp of approval, financially in the box office, and critically with accolades). It's growth...It's evolution...It's change.

It's no longer "your" Trek. It's no longer "my" Trek. It's SouthernSprockette Niece's Trek. To that, I am grateful for the change.
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