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Default Good news: Kids love the new Trek

At least one kid niece. This isn't anything siginificant, I just believe this is something cool, and want to share it.

She is 10, and is into Moxie Girls, Littlest Pet Shop, Hannah Montana and iCarly. When she stayed with me over the weekend, it was a battle getting her to watch Star Trek with me. The DVD was a Christmas present, and I wanted to watch it. She was afraid of being bored, but begrudgingly gave in.

She LOVED it!!! She talked a lot about how she liked the (young) "Spock" character, and begged me to let her take the movie home so her Mom could watch it. I would have let her, but was afraid it'd be eons before I got it back. They'll have to watch it with Comcast's "On Demand".

If this can happen with one person, I wonder how many other new trek fans there may be out there.

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