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My only fishing story, really worth telling. There's this place I used to fish all the time, it's a river where they built a dam to create a lake and they run water through the dam, but when they are running no water then you can wade mostly anywhere in the river below the dam.

Anyway my friend and I were fishing one day and my friend hooked this fish, it was huge. It just started taking off like crazy. So we had to follow the fish downstream. They started running water through the dam so it started rising really quickly! To make a long story short, we ended up swimming down this river with this fish on the line and we kept trading off the fly rod and the current was just helping the fish. Finally we landed it, our waders were totally filled with water and we were soaked, but this fish was huge, it was about 35 inches and it had teeth. It was a rainbow. When my friend took the fly from it's jaw he cut his finger on it's teeth, it was that big! The trout had some serious teeth and it was flopping around like crazy.

Anyway we took loads of pictures of it then released it. That's about the best flyfishing adventure I've had, you're saying 'being swept down stream' reminded me of it. Lot of fun, it was.

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