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Originally Posted by Botany Bay View Post
Hans Werner Sinn

You will not know him, if you are not from germany. And even if you are, his name may not mean much to you, but if you are from germany and you do watch TV then you do know this face for certain:

He is an economist and was most influential during the 90ies and the first decade of this century. He praised the liberalization of markets and made declining wages and the weakening of workers rights his mantra. There was no talkshow where he did not try to hammer into the heads of a german public that declining wages where a good thing. And this guy meant it. He found even a wage of three Euros an hour acceptable. He is the kind of economist that sees poverty as a necessary part of life, so that a small minority and self-proclaimed elite can be "successfull".

Then the crisis hit and it got a little silent around him. But dont think he learnt anything. He is back! Seems there are people so dogmatic, stubborn, delusional and hypocrtitical, they dont allow reality and facts to bother them.

So I award all the neo-liberal deregulationist economists and TV "experts" of the past 20 years with the award for "Most Annoying Person of 2009" for their fraudulent behaviour, their unwillingness to talk honestly with the people, their blatantly obvious unwillingness to learn, their coordinated and intentional attitude to turn all moral and human decency on its head and label poverty, scarcity and injustice as "economic growth", and finally their disgusting shamelesness to keep calling themselves experts and simply going on talking as they allways used to talk....
Sinn is one of the best German economists. His talkshow/interview stuff is rubbish, but he has e.g. written a fantastic paper about climate change and the necessity for "supply-side" measures (besides "demand-side" measures like CO2 taxation) like re-forestation.
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