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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Then again.....there is the Twilight saga to consider. (yikes)

Only for as long as people go and see them!

Originally Posted by Odradek View Post
Maybe "Batman Begins" was the better movie. But rebooting Batman was immense easier. So I think it's fair to give the title to Trek, because it achieved much more.
I think they're both pretty good. But Nolan's reboot also borrowed heavily from past comic reboots so again he didn't invent it all himself when Batman Begins came out.

I'd give him the kudos for getting rid of the gaudy Joel Schumacher efforts but he kinda took a lot of his tonal inspiration from existing Batman incarnations.

The Star Trek reboot is really decent enough. But as it's still starting out it inevitably doesn't have the breadth and depth that it's 43 year predecessor was able to amass.

It needs time to continue to develop itself (as TOS did) and no-one really knows how much time it will get in that regard.
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