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Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
Forget the national scene - come explore the world of NY politics. Remember Gov. Spitzer? And he's not even the worst of the lot. Both parties are so corrupt I can't believe people aren't taking to the streets.

Man, were some people here in Manhattan celebrating when he was deposed. All of Wall Street and a lot of insurers and reinsurers too (my father included). Spitzer went after some pretty powerful people- you can't do that without expecting payback. He was so set up by someone in a high place. But he wasn't corrupt politically, just morally. I was expecting Silda was gonna hand him his balls. I hope his daughters never speak to him again, though they probably will just because of the $$$. He's a putz. Then again, I think any Republican could just walk right into the office at the next election.
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