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Recently just watched the Observer Effect again, whilst a bit of a fanwank I actually quite enjoyed it. I think one of it's problems though is that like many episodes that link to previous episodes the point is stressed too much, let the people who know the history have their nod to continuity and give enough information so that intrigued new viewers so that they know what's going on without forcing them to see it.

Organians aside though the episode commits a sadly common sin in Star Trek, that being pretending main characters are going to die when it's obvious that they won't, examples being Worf in Ethics, Spock in Spock's Brain and The Doctor in The Swarm.

DS9 does it surprisingly well though in episodes like Change of Heart and Rapture where the focus is less on are they going to die and more on the other issues in the episode and how the crew is responding to that.
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