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Originally Posted by FanWriter45 View Post
Glenn Beck. (talk about being a cry baby!)

Oh, and Howlin' Wolf? Okay, we get it. You're a teabagger sheep. You can stop now.

I criticize two peoples' job performance and/or character while making no references to political affiliation and that makes me a right wing racist protester. That's a pretty broad assumption. Since you "write" is it safe to assume your work amounts to nothing more than Lesbian Pulp Novels? And can I read one if they are? Why can't I just be a disgruntled American annoyed with two of our leaders?

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Obama - well, he's not annoying really. The people who expected him to snap his fingers and change everything in 5 minutes aren't either. They're just opponents looking for another way to try and draw blood as per usual. It's the usual politics I guess.
He claimed the economic impact of his stimulus would be immediate. I thought he meant in a positive way.

Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
She frightens me. Can she blink? I don't know why, but power-hungry women bug me more than power hungry men. Still, she's not exactly annoying... it's more of a grate on your nerves thing.
She looks like one of those "you've seen it, now you can't unsee it" internet pics.

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