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Most annoying?

There are so many who fall into that category it's hard to distill it into a single person really. And there have been so many good suggestions so far.

I didn't find Palin annoying really - just exceptionally amusing. Katie Price is always a pain in the rear but since I avoid most reality TV shows I can tend to limit my exposure to her quite a bit.

Micheal Jackson wasn't annoying - especially after he died. The flood of celebrity eulogies was pretty nauseating after they had shunned him for years but Hollywood is the leader in insincerity so it was absolutely expected from them all. After all, it's publicity for them in the end.

Obama - well, he's not annoying really. The people who expected him to snap his fingers and change everything in 5 minutes aren't either. They're just opponents looking for another way to try and draw blood as per usual. It's the usual politics I guess.

I'm going to vote for the true, true idiot who sent his son up to the attic and tried to fake a balloon ride! That guy is a frakking numbnuts! And his wife as well.
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