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Actually I have to agree with both Vuedoc and Jerhanner! The cult of celebrity has made the death of celebrities a reason for national mourning. Sure it's sad when someone in their 30s dies but no more so if they are famous. This year in Britain we had Jade Goody (a reality TV star) and Stephen Gately from boy band Boyzone and the press attention was ridiculous. The coverage of Michael Jackson's death was nauseating. Before he dies, no one had a good word to say about him and as soon as he died folk were asking for him to be sainted. I have to say it is the press who annoyed me and my fellow countrymen, not the celebrities who dies this year.

The other person who bugged the sh!t out of me was Jordan AKA Katie Price. Another reality TV star who tried to manipulate the media to make her ex-husband looked bad and ended up just looking like a sad idiot.

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