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Default The Trek BBS

I have heard a lot of people worrying about what will happen when/if this forum closes down for good. I have decided that in the event of such a disaster, I will become a member of the Trek BBS, which I believe to be the next best thing to this forum (after this forum, it is the one that appears first on google when you search "star trek forum"). So, if you want to know how to keep in touch with me, then I invite you to join me. I must apologize, but I do not see the point in creating new forums when we have a good number of forums already. So if you are concerned about this forum's eventual demise, then I suggest you join the Trek BBS. I am not yet a member, but I will be soon enough. Also, if there are any of you who are members of Trek BBS in addition to this forum, then please let me know. That will be all for now. Archer out.
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