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Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
I'm going with Michael Jackson. The endless press coverage of a man who already annoyed me was just salt in the wounds.

The focus on celebrity deaths really annoys me. My wife was following Patrick Swayze's demise very closely and aparwhile she's an oncology treatment nurse, I couldn't see why his experience should grip her more than any of her other patients. It really bugs the $hit out of me when someone in my hospital says about a VIP patient, "Oh, do you know who s/he is?" I can only reply, "Yeah, someone's father/mother/sister/brother/child/etc... just like the rest of my patients." And to be doing somethig "more" for them implies that I'd be doing something "less" for someone else, thus I refuse to cave to that BS.

So I've changed my mind- to me the most annoying person was every celebrity who died this past year who gripped the attention of people more than the economy, the state of health care, the wars, and everything else wrong that we still have a chance to fix did.
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