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Originally Posted by janeway72 View Post
I agree. We are all guilty of that to a certain extent. There is stuff I will tolerate on Voyager but not on Next Gen.

I also agree that it is not a fatal flaw. Though I can see that for some people it is just the pinnacle of a big mountain of things not to like. I fall into the "like" category more than the "dislike."

i showed the first half of the movie to a few kids in school on the last day and they enjoyed it. So it is clearly reaching a new generation of Trekkers to be So it can;t be that bad.
Well that's kinda the approach I take with everything!

If the 'likes' outweigh the 'dislikes' - no matter what they may be, then I can get onboard.

If not, then I don't care if it has Star Trek or anything else in the title - I'm not playing along with it. Everyone is the same. Then we join boards like this and thrash it all out!

In the new film's case, as with you, there is more (for me) to like than dislike! As both a movie and Star Trek!
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