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Originally Posted by janeway72 View Post
Hmm! I can't help thinking you are defending a flaw in the movie that you wouldn't tolerate in Voyager

Obviously it's not a such a big problem for me that it would stop me buying the DVD or going to watch the next movie and it's a common thing to do in Hollywood movies. You need to have a quick seen that shows what happened next. Maybe, he could have graduated from Starfleet Academy in that scene.
Well, we all have our personal preferences!! There are fans who slate the film for having the same flaws they do tolerate in Prime Universe Trek, because they dislike Abrams personally and his direction with things so far, so there's an element that such an approach works both ways.

Personally I'm not strictly trying to defend the rapidity with which he becomes Captain - I've already agreed it's a stretch anyway. However, it's not quite for me a fatal stretch and I can live with it because of the slightly contorted mechanics of reality behind what the film had to accomplish.

Besides, my objections to Voyager are far more than just silly plots and poor characters!
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