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Originally Posted by janeway72 View Post
Kevin, I agree that the movie left it open to interpretation but I think most people will take from it that he almost immediately became a Captain. Kirk's character was way too immature to take on that kind of responsibility.
Yeah, but then I think they aren't necessarily stopping and thinking about everything connected to it. It's not likely to be years of a gap but it's not automatically the very next morning either.

It's like the whining about why Nero waited for 25 years before acting. The answer is there to be divined. You just have to pay attention to what's actually happening. And even at that, you don't have to pay that close attention!

Which is kinda ironic, considering how many detractors are so quick to say how dumb it is (and let's be brutally honest, it's not a genuis script but if it was it wouldn't entirely be TOS if it had a waterproof plot! ) - but are then apparently incapable of thinking about some aspects of it through and simply want it spelled out for them.

Go figure!
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