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Cathexis, was enjoyable bodysnatchers episode, with a neat paranoia element going. Holy smokes, I wouldn't want to get on Janeway's grumpy side she got that "School Ma'am" snap "oh my gosh...I'm so in trouble I've peed myself" thing going on.

Endgame, re-watched about halfway...I love all the stuff with the Voyager crew on Voyager, even the Chakotay/Seven stuff. It's the darn time travel stuff I can't stand, my brain just goes "I'm watched a rip-off of Timeless" which was a really good episode so re-cycling it for your series finale should be a no-no. The Voyager finale I think was one of those things that looks good on paper...but there is a million ways to mess it up.

Blink of an Eye & Eye of the Needle, I like them both...not quite sure why the planet in the form looked like a doughnut. But hey, Daniel Dae Kim, always good. Same with Armstrong who was also in Endgame playing a Klingon. I knew that voice from somewhere, but it took me ages to place him.

Emanations, Harry Kim episode! Woohoo! Plus, the BIG QUESTIONS of life, death and spirituality or non-spirituality. It's one that when I'm whatching it, I have to watch to the end.

Fair Haven & Spirit Folk, well I'm with janeway72, on this one. They are just fun lighthearted stories. Although, if I remember Spirit Folk has some deep character stuff for Janeway.

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