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Originally Posted by Summer Storm Pictures View Post
Not to add fuel to this silly discussion, but it seems any ship of sufficient speed (a Federation starship perhaps?) could just keep circling the Death Star, staying on the ''blind side'' away from the ''big gun'' and pound away with phasers, torpedoes etc. I just don't see the Death Star rotating anywhere near full impulse or sublight, not to mention light speed -- to keep a bead on anything long enough to fire at it.
Well, this situation does ignore the line about the DS' defenses being "designed around a direct, large-scale assault." GL clearly set up time and again that the Empire's shielding abilities were formidable to say the least... and this is backed up by even the Rebel base on Hoth, which when alerted to Destroyers jumping into the system, put up a shield which even the Empire couldn't penetrate with bombardment from orbit.

In short, the Death Star's power generative abilities would hold off an attack from the Enterprise indefinitely. Just as the E can "put all power on front shields", the DS could simply strengthen its shielding in the area under fire, since the E can only be in one place at one time to attack. Rotating shield strengths around the station instead of frequencies if necessary, to borrow the TREK strategy.

If the Rebels couldn't attack the DS from the 'outside' for this very reason, why would the Enterprise be able to do so? Just curious.

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