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Originally Posted by Odradek View Post
Originally Posted by starwarsrcks
They really played the younger versions of the TOS characters well didn't they but do you think the characters have more flaws than the original characters because they in the original series were well experienced and older were they older.
Nö, Greenwood played an older version of the TOS character
Yeah, I totally agree with that. Originally, there was only about 10 years or so between Kirk and Pike, so he really should have been around McCoy's age in the movie, IMO (late 30s). Pike's gravitas is what Greenwood brought to the role.

This isn't an actual criticism of the film, but for me, the new cast really didn't play younger versions of the TOS characters at all with the possible exception of Urban and Yelchin (Kirk was originally a no-nonsense bookworm who didn't become a notorious maverick until later in life and Spock had a tendency to smile and shout at times). What the new cast did do, however, was take the most memorable aspects of these characters and then put their own spin on them, IMO--but I think it worked for the movie.
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