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Originally Posted by NCC-73515 View Post
Then they can't have Shatner in it.
If they really really want Shatner they could come up with some part in the story that takes place in Shat-Kirks time and tie the two together. Maybe the first ten minutes that sets up the story. Some kind of confrontation that is a direct result of what he did as a young man. Shat-Kirk wins but its a sad or remorseful one. Then do the big "Star Trek: Whatever" opening. How to do that with a happy ending knowing whats to come would be tough.

I dunno. It wouldnt be the 'original' Shat-Kirk but good enough I suppose just to figure out a plausible way to get the actor in. Time travel wouldnt be involved either. Certainly its a matter of making it a real part of the story and not some kind of addition that doesnt matter to the rest of it. Not an easy thing to do.

The last 10 minutes to suggest the end of the Pine-Kirk pyrrhic victory working out swimmingly years later would be easier but I dont know if ending a movie with Shat-Kirk would work. If the writers could make it a compelling part of a story that really helps then I would do it for its own sake. Maybe whatever ending in his retirement sharing a drink with his old foe.

Just brainstorming without any thought as to what the story would be or if it would be a good one.
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