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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Although the story is a pretty blunt, it made two important statements. First, that Reagan did not arm the Soviet Union to death (a wide-spread myth at that time as well as today), second, that any peace effort is in vain without a little bit of mutual trust. Peace is risky.
I think it doesn't just work as the Cold War analogy it was meant to be, but also as a more general story about war and peace.

Now these are just ideas distilled from the movie, I can understand that you or other folks consider TUC as mediocre, e.g. the whole Gulag / Rura Penthe part is pretty cheesy.
I kinda have a variable relationship with it. And, yeah the Cold War analogy works fine as that's the idea.

Sometimes I watch it and think 'yeah, pretty good adventure all in, and although a fairly blunt message it's fine' and then sometimes I watch it and it impresses me less because I think some of the technical aspects of the portrayed events don't hold water too well.

For example, I keep thinking - the Enterprise's advanced computer can't even take the visual record and reverse calculate the origin point of the torpedo launch and realise it couldn't have came from the Enterprise? They have to physically count the torpedos and then come to the conclusion another ship underneath did it?

Then that sets off a chain of other questions and then it can all become a house of cards plotwise is all. Somedays I go there watching it and sometimes I don't - I just accept it and go along.
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