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Originally Posted by starwarsrcks View Post
What remake Space Seed into a film, how would that work
Simple. Nero wanted wanton destruction and revenge. Khan, however, is into conquest. Much like in 'Space Seed,' he and his Augment cronies are discovered on the Botany Bay. Due to sketchy records of the Eugenics War period, it's not realized who he truly is until it's too late, and he takes over the ship.

Except in this version of the story, it goes a bit further. Khan believes it's time to take another shot and put Earth under the rule of his 'superior' human race. And what better tool to use to do it than the most advanced ship in the fleet, the Enterprise? Things just further escalate from there.

... And we can get the immortal Mr. Harry Mudd involved somehow, too.
The way it is.
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