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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Until the writers 100% confirm his presence I'll treat it with the same 'it's a rumour' attitude that most things at this stage will likely prove to be.


Conversely, since so many fans seem to also want Khan rehashed directly that also gives a glimpse into the mindset of some of the fanbase and clearly all they wish is their favourite episodes remade with a big budget. Apparently some fans don't actually want fresh, new stories either.

The numbing laziness works both ways. And often comes from places other than the writers.
I don't care about Khan fans who ask the writers again and again whether they redo Khan, but the very fact that the writers consider it is fairly strange. They just did RomuKhan and now they consider to do Khan again. Do they really think were are so dumb?
Or they just lie and appease the "Khanonites" by claiming to consider it. Which would be equally disgusting.
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