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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Pretty straightforward, take the original script, cannibalize it, add 100 million dollar budgets FX and tata, we have ST12.
Then they can remake TWOK and all their three movies will have used Khan in one way or the other, once RomuKhan and twice NuKhan. And the crowd will still believe all the mumbo-jumbo about freeing themselves from the shackles of continuity and telling fresh, new stories.

Even if it ain't gonna happen, the very fact that they think about using Khan (again!) tells me more than I want to know.
Until the writers 100% confirm his presence I'll treat it with the same 'it's a rumour' attitude that most things at this stage will likely prove to be.


Conversely, since so many fans seem to also want Khan rehashed directly that also gives a glimpse into the mindset of some of the fanbase and clearly all they wish is their favourite episodes remade with a big budget. Apparently some fans don't actually want fresh, new stories either.

The numbing laziness works both ways. And often comes from places other than the writers.
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