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Sir nums... I guess a date like that is what you make of it. I had a date bring a friend along too, another girl. Let's just say that one had a VERY happy ending...

But the worst date? That would probably be the one I went to a bar with a male friend, and we both got jumped heading back to the car by a few rednecks who beat the crap out of us. I needed about 12 stitches, and my date needed surgury to rebuild his jaw, one kneecap, and to re-attach a retina. What did we do to incite such treatment? We were coming out of a gay bar, holding hands. Seems that was enough...

I distinctly remember lying in the parking lot as they hopped into their pickup and drove off, my last sight of them was their rear bumper and the "Rush is Right" sticker there.

Sorry if my story isn't funny.
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