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Childhood's End...
Songs of a Distant Earth...
the man who first conceived of geostationary orbits...
Mysterious World
The Promise of Space
The Deep Range

Man, I remember getting an email from him a few years back, how relieved I was to find out that he was okay after the tsunami had hit. The man was 90. He led one of the best lives I can remember a human being ever having. He helped shape the 20th century, the space age, and the destiny of mankind.

Thank God we had you here when we did, Arthur. Because of you, your thoughts, your ideas, we might just make it out of our technological adolecence, and claim our rightful place in the universe.

I remember the movie "Contact" with Jodi Foster. At one point, they had the camera pan across a set of people who were applying for the position of making the trip to Vega, and our first contact with the laiens who signaled us. One of them was an Arthur C. Clarke inpersonator. I remember seeing that, and thinking... you know, he WOULD be a good choice in that situation!

How many people can you say THAT about? LOL
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