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I'm against remaking 'Space Seed', because the lack of mystery would come at the expense of the uninformed characters: don't board the ship, don't wake Khan up, don't take him back, don't show him the technical manuals.

Add to that my already-stated reason that this 'rebooted' universe is going to be too 'small' compared to the prime universe (only three movies guaranteed, perhaps four or five at most... with different producers working on the latter two), to waste two whole hours of 35mm film a recycled premise.

Think of all the times TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT were accused of recycling old plots from prior ST series (at our sci-fi club in college, viewers used to chant "did it... did it... did it..." through the 'next episode' teasers). Those were just million dollar episodes. This would be a $150 million movie.

If they absolutely had to do Khan, they should skip the whole 'Space Seed' idea and instead come across some place, or group of people, in which Khan has already settled in. The way I see it, anyone who has had contact with either Starfleet, the Romulans or the Klingons could conceivably have come across the Botany Bay at any point in time since the destruction of the Kelvin. I'm still opposed to it though.

(It's equally likely no one will intercept the sleeper ship this time, and his ship drifts right on through the galaxy forever until it dissolves to space dust. A fitting end to this ongoing discussion; I only regret it will never become canon because there's no way to ever find out that's what happened).

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