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Originally Posted by Odradek View Post
The intent to put the Botany Bay after the credits plus Orci repeatedly bringing up his name , is a very strong suggestion they wanted to use him, in my opinion.
They might want to put in some references but it doesn't mean he will appear.

In addition, his name probably crops up so frequently because they keep getting asked by others (such as lazy interviewers) 'might you do Khan?' or 'So what about Khan? etc. Which they've been getting for months now. Of course he's a potential. So is Harry Mudd, so is Balock, so is Trelane.

But they are not the one they keep getting asked to comment on. It's not surprising the name of Khan is perennially bandied about.

And as I've said before if they use him, that's their choice. It's not mine and IMO without massive reconception of the character, they will fail. But that's for them to work out.
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