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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
The way I see it - Khan will not work if he's redone unless he has the backstory that connected him to Kirk in Space Seed...
They would have to actually remake Space Seed and ignore TWOK, since they have already used elements of the latter in the first film.
I agree. There are so many beloved villains and characters from TOS that would be nice to see again, however under the new circumstances in this new universe. The problem is how to make it work and not seem like "fan service". We would have to have some sort of backstory--perhaps show a detailed flashback scene like in the first Terminator scene of Kahn during the Eugenic Wars, but that flashback would have to return to when Kirk first meets Kahn in a new, but different version of "Space Seed". And therein lies the other problem. It's the retelling of a story first told on the small screen in the 60's.

IMO, if Kahn is to be a character in this new universe, it would have to be under COMPLETELY different circumstances--his motive for revenge entirely different from that in TWOK. We've had fans (and aren't we all fans?) deride and rail against this film for smaller changes than this. Such a different path for a loved villain like Kahn? Well, I think for some that would be "just a little bit more than the law will allow."
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