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Originally Posted by jla1987 View Post
She's definitely the least interesting when it comes to alien human journeys. Great to look at, but nothing hadn't been done better before story-wise.
I beg to disagree - I think in many ways she's the most successful example of a being (re)discovering their humanity, with the exception of Spock. I enjoyed Data's steady discovery of what it means to be human, but as Data put it himself, it took the emotion chip to nudge him over the precipice and allow him to make those emotional connections that he was otherwise unable to do. Consequently, I don't think Data's humanising arc was as dramatic until very near the end.

Seven's 'scars' from her experience as part of the collective are dealt with several times, but my favourite moment in dealing with the Borg was always Dark Frontier, where she is forced to watch/listen as a race is attacked and assimilated... until she can't bear it any more and forces herself to interfere. Those few scenes alone say a great deal about her own emotional scars and her recovering humanity. Also, remember that she was assimilated very young, and wasn't in the same kind of career/position that Picard was in when he was turned into Locutus. Small wonder Picard consequently suffered from such self-recrimination and hated the Borg so much - because he felt so responsible for their actions. Seven didn't have to deal with anything as onerous.

My favourite 'discovering what it means to be human' arcs have always been those portrayed by Seven, Spock & Odo.
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