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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
My take (in a nutshell) is that she is a master program for the consciousness and that her body is just physical - but not important.

She can come and go from anyplace in the collective she wants because she is everywhere simultaneously and possibly a body is just grown for her (in a maturation chamber) for her to physically inhabit as required.
That's how I always understood it, yeah.

Both Alice Krige and Susanna Thompson did a spectacular job with ol' BQ. The character may have been created out of necessity, but I think it makes perfect sense that a cybernetic species like the Borg would have started with something that created this enormous cybernetic army to defend itself and a fleet with which to swell its numbers. I always like to think that the BQ program was the 'first' Borg and has been alive/conscious all this time.
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