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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Could just be that for the story to play out the 'top brass' have to do that movie/TV show thing of not believing the person telling them what's going on until something else happens to prove it.

Barclay had the same problem once or twice if I recall.
Indeed. Though Barclay has been such a fruit-loop in his time it's small wonder that people didn't listen to him until something happened which enabled him to prove what he had been banging on about!

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Deadlock comes after Non-Sequitur because I think it was one of the episodes actually made for season 1 which was held over to start season 2 with instead.
Deadlock does indeed follow Non Sequitur. Non Sequitur wasn't one of the 'held over' episodes, though - those were The 37s, Elogium, Projections and Twisted.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
O'Brien however, was, I believe quite clearly replaced by an alternate after the original died at the end of Visionary.
O'Brien was replaced by his own future self. So it was essentially the same person, but a few hours older! God, I loved Visionary. What a fantastic episode.
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